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Scalable Healthcare Web Apps

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ERP Integrated HIS + EMR + Outpatient

•VRTCL Medical™ is a MODULAR Hospital Information System (HIS) that has electronic medical records SAP real-time integrated. Each component can be activated independently, giving total flexibility to implement a simple basic scenario with a very low investment for a fast ROI and then enable more apps to grow with customer needs to a full automated and sophisticated solution

•VRTCL Medical™ has VRTCL Framework 4.0 integrated, a Business Process Management engine(BMP) that enables the user to create or edit any business rule, forms and reports, in order to met any standard

•Implementation can be as fast as two o four months for small clinics or simple scenarios to 5 to 12 months for a big hospital or healthcare network with many branch offices, complex needs and specific or unique requirements

•VRTCL Framework™ has big data and user support to handle an isolated clinic with few users to hundreds of hospitals network with thousands of users to handle a full country

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Simple and powerful

- Medical records
- Certified SAP (ERP+BI) integration
- Mobil, 100% Web
- À la carte Applications
- From 5 to 10,000 users
- From 1 clinic to a country wide national network
- High Tech
- Low initial investment
- High ROI
- Low operation cost

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ERP + Framework + HIS + Outpatient + EMR

Robust framework that can start from a prebuilt scenario and can evolve to meet future requirements. Integrating your ERP as a core financial and operation service and extending its scope to handle hospitalization, outpatient and medical records



In patient complete care with clear revenue cycle

Hospitalization handles from admission documentation, passing through service programing and medication deliver with extreme care on medicaments expiration dates. Integrates ERP catalogs and transactions on real time. Monitor sock value and business units performance by using ERP profit centers / cost centers with an accurate patient balance and automated insurance and corporate agreements  balance calculation



Outpatient consulting and ambulatory services procedures

Outpatient handles the consultancy and ambulatory procedures scheduling with resources programing like physicians, offices and equipment. With the billing module insurance companies pricing and management can be assigned automatically



Use standards or customize your clinic forms

Medical records have complete track of the patient medical notes from first contact with the healthcare provider. It has a built-in form designer that includes  basic medical notes formats that can be extended to met particular customer requirements

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